From The Daily Mash:

“Meanwhile social workers in Dewsbury were last night under pressure to explain why they did not know Karen Matthews would team up with the halfwit uncle of her sleazy boyfriend to kidnap her own daughter and keep her on a nine foot leash until she could con £50,000 out of the News of the World.”

Elswhere on the same site, this photo:

is captioned “Keane says his nuclear programme will be used for peaceful purposes”.



Like everyone else on the interweb I get a lot of unsolicited emails. A lot of them promise female celebrities in various states of undress, and would no doubt do something nefarious to my computer if I opened them. Got one today entitled “Britney Spears to Study Theoretical Quantum Mechanics at MIT”.

Spammers. You may be a bunch of parasitical scum, but at least one of you has a sense of humour. Cheers.

A marvellous variation on the Lolcats thing has come to my attention. Lines from Frank Miller’s Batman comics, superimposed on pics from the old Adam West Batman TV show.

Dark Knight


A cartoon

13 March 2008

This is brilliant.

A cartoon

13 February 2008

A wee cartoon I drew ages ago and have unearthed from the piles of papers in my study…

Dinosaurs in Lurgan!

12 February 2008

In my civilian identity I work in public liability claims. We have a personal injury claim in Lurgan, County Armagh, and here’s a photo of the trip hazard:

You can’t tell me that’s not a dinosaur footprint. Call in the Primeval team to search for anomalies!

Good lord.

2 February 2008

Apparently, Woolworths have been selling a bed designed for six-year-old girls with the brand-name “Lolita”. When it was pointed out that this might not be entirely appropriate, they responded (and I paraphrase, but not inaccurately) “nobody who works for Woolworths has ever heard of the famous novel of that name about the middle-aged man who becomes sexually obsessed with a pre-teen girl, or of the two films based on it. We looked it up on Wikipedia, and you’re quite right, that’s inappropriate. We’ll withdraw it from sale and ask our suppliers what on earth they were thinking calling it that.” Can an entire company really be that culturally ignorant? It’s hard to believe.

Here’s the story from Reuters.